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As you know no matter how amazing your event theme or entertainment is, the food/beverage and service are the backbones of any event. It is essential to have the proper number and quality staff coverage, or else the service may suffer, and while great service might not get a nod, bad service is always commented upon. Catering managers are often an overlooked component of effective event management and, ultimately, event success.

Securing the necessary management and service staff is what enhances the quality of the overall product that your clients and guests receive. This is true for both the number of staff, but also true for supervisory needs at the event. Being short-handed with management can create problems with even the best team’s performance impacting the team, which in turn impacts the customer experience. A poor team leader can impact morale and slow down the energy of the team. Don’t settle for less than excellent when it comes to the management staff to help oversee the team more effectively.

Successful events are a combination of proper coverage and great management. With our managers and captain’s support, your team will work more efficiently and effectively, thus enhancing the overall guest experience.

For your next event, make sure to request a manager or captain for an even more successful event!

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